MedikONet- medics on net’ is a pan-India digitally-driven platform dedicated to empowering every player in the healthcare ecosystem, from a doctor to a patient and other stakeholders. Our intelligent, robust application brings together doctors, diagnostic centers, pharmacists, paramedics and patients in a seamless, cost-effective manner to completely revolutionize service-scape of healthcare.

Our first of its kind platform gives you access to these health care providers:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Paramedics

All of these are trusted and verified service providers willing and capable to offer the best in class services to our users.

Our Mission:

We are devoted to make quality health services accessible to people in a way they want and choose in their best interest. We do so by using innovation and technology to build a well-connected network of key-stakeholders of health-care eco-system like doctors, patients, pharmacists, paramedics and more. We are dedicated to leverage the power of technology so our patients and healthcare warriors can harness the benefits of a swift, cost-effective, and hassle-free medical facilities like patient-management, appointments, medical history, and much more.

Our Vision:

We are resilient to roll-out our world-class real-time, transparent, user-friendly, and digitally-driven healthcare eco-system platform across the regions with an aim to bring together the finest health-workers at just a click away to patients near them in a timely, secured, and easy manner.

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